Invest Less and Gain More.

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When you think of starting a business one thing that comes into your mind is the investment, here are some ideas where you can start your own small business by spending as little as it comes.

Freelance Bartending

Bartending makes you money, it is exciting as well, a report shows that you will required under $2,000 to start your own freelance bartending business and it can make you upto $300 per day, a lucrative enough deal. It is easy you can learn how to mix various drinks on dozens of free online cocktail guides.

Dog Training

This business which you can start right from your home keeping is a very low of running. However previous experience is a must in this case, but you can take a start from somewhere.
There are tutorials available on several online forums, you can learn from there and start applying it, and experience comes with time.

You will always have friends and acquaintances who own a dog, just to market yourself you can always offer your services at discounted prices and get high rated reviews from them.

Social Media Management

This is the time of social media, business depend a lot of their social media activities requiring help to manage their social media presence.

You may already be good at it, so here is your opportunity to start own business, a social media management service. You can even market yourself on the same platform to offer your service to your target clients, once moving up the ladder you can add professionals to your teams.
The Startup cost is almost Zero in this case.


If you think you are good at something and your advice may carry weight. Then start your consulting business it costs as low as $100, some fancy visiting cards, a professional looking website and some extra bucks spent on your appearance.

A consultant can normally fulfill the deliverables sitting on his personal computer such as presentations, reports and spreadsheet work.

Taxi Service

If you own a car, then you can start your taxi business, registering with the local authorities and some paper work you will be able to earn sitting behind your wheels.

These days platforms like Uber open up a huge potential for such businesses.

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