Merchant Cash Advance Canada

Need funding for renovation, new equipment and new employees…

This Program transforms your future sales into current working capital that you can instantly use within your business. Merchant cash advance is an easy and fast way, to get cash advance without collateral or even with a poor credit score. It is the best option for any business using credit or debit transactions or a seasonal business that requires short-term supplementary cash to capitalize on an inventory deal, seasonal staffing or the repayment of a debt. Take your pick!


Merchant Cash Advance is the most reliable financial product for small businesses. Businesses in Canada get capital as a loan against future sales, then make use of their Merchant Cash Advance to invest in the success of their business. Depending on your on your business needs, whether it’s capitalizing on a discount, hiring more staff in preparation for a peek season or investing on your marketing team, having fast access to capital for your business can be a game changer that will potentially revitalize your entire business.

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How Do They Work?

If you could turn your future cash flows into capital right away, wouldn’t you? This is what the program is designed to do for business owners faced with a temporary financial set-back that can only be resolved by injecting cash into their business. Repayment is based on a percentage of the daily sales. (Very manageable, right?

creditcard-flat-1 Merchant Cash Advance

Is it Right for You?

Merchant Cash Advance allows you to access the capital you need without the usual pressure. The loan is 100% responsive; meaning, you pay according to the daily sales (i.e. less on slower days and more on busy days) thereby relieving much pressure.

Get Started Today.

Fill in the online application and that’s it! You will be contacted and provided with options customized for the needs of your business, depending on the information you provide. Pick what presumably works best for our business and remember that there aren’t any charges to proceed.

When you are ready to proceed, we’ll walk you through your options and answer whatever concerns or questions regarding the program. Expect full transparency, full-time access to your account and the best customer service.

We’ll let you know whenever you qualify for additional funding. However, under no circumstances will we top-up or extend additional funding without your consent.

Still wondering if a merchant cash advance, line of credit or a small business loan is right for you? Talk to us and find out what best suits your business.